Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fun times

(Kevin's swords)

So its almost the end of my week living with Kevin and it's been incredibly fun all the time. Monday i met him after he finished work then caught the bus to his. On Monday he normally roleplays and this week was no exception. I went along to his group but instead of roleplaying we played games which as quite fun.

He had to go to work on Tue but i saw him again when he came back at six and we had fish and chips for tea. In the village where he lives, every Tue a fish and chip van comes round. Wish we had that where i live!

Wednesday he roleplayed again but i wouldn't go to it. On Wednesday a guy i dont like goes to roleplay. I'm not gonna tell you his name but a lot of people agree with me when i say he's a creep and a bit weird. So cos i know he's there i wont go. Kevin doesn't like him either.

And that brings me upto today. Tonight Kevin's cooking for me (yay!) and i'm going into town with him tomorrow morning when he leaves for work as his parents are returning from their hols. Also there's a jobsfair in town tomorrow which i MUST go to.

And by the way could someone help me design a good header for my blog?


Brittany said...

I can certainly help you with your Blog header...what are you looking to put up there?

Melissa said...

glad u and kevin are having so much fun