Thursday, 2 October 2008

Old memories and new starts

So next week i'm going to be living with my boyfriend for a few days just cos his parents are off on holiday to the Peak or Lake District (i dunno which) and we're taking advantage of that fact. It will be a sort of test wether we can live together or not because we hope to move in together next year.
We've got a choice though, right first we're gonna look for flats/houses in the nicer part of Peterborough like villiages and that, and then if we cant find anything there to rent, its the rougher areas, which i really would hate to live in.

Kevin (boyfriend) told me a story the other day. Before i met him he used to live in a slightly rough area called Bretton which is a part of Peterborough. He hated it at the time and him and his parents moved to Northborough which is a gorgeous little village with no trouble at all. Last Sunday after playing Golf with mates they had to drop someone off at Bretton. They drove down Kevin's old street, he was horrified. The flats where he used to live have now got metal grating over them to stop vandals.
I'm glad he dont live there anymore!! And no way would i want to live there with Kev. It's way too rough. I'll be on edge all the time....


Anonymous said...

I think everyone has a dream of living in the countryside these days. Towns and cities are pretty horrible really.
When I mean "countryside" I mean a little village. Not actually just living in a field with cows and sheep.
That would be stupid. Cows are noisy sleepers so you would never get any kip!

Melissa said...

if u do move together i hope you can find somewhere u both like