Tuesday, 21 October 2008


So i've almost shaken off the cold only for it to have been replaced by a built up ear which annoyed the hell out of me so went to the Doctors expecting a prescription for ear drops and what did i get? My ear syringed!!! This was an uncomfortable experience for me as i never had it done before. It's like a train of water shooting in your ear. Never again!

I had a job interview on Friday and it took me ages to get ready cos i was really nervous. Made sure i had everything (CV, passport etc) but i got to the interview and realised my passport was gone! I panicked bg time! Do you know how much it costs to replace a lost passport over here?? £75!!!!! So after a few days i gave up of ever having it back. That was until the police rang up and told me they had it. Relief is all i can describe the emotion. That and intense happiness!!

So thats my week thereabouts!


Brittany said...

Passports are pretty Pricey here too. Like $80-$100 i think

Melissa said...

having ur ear syringed doesnt sound like fun, but im glad u got ur passport back