Monday, 6 October 2008

A Shock Surprise

I need to write what just happened to me. But before i do let me fill you in on the history.

I would say looking back on my life that my best friend was Kayleigh. We've been friends ever since primary school and all through her life she said she wanted to be a vet so one day in our teens (16) it was a shock when she said she wanted to go into the Army. And thats where it all went wrong. Obviously i never knew at the time but i was going to lose my best friend. I couldn't go to her Passing Out parade as it was just family. Then she got pregnant. And really i haven't seen her since which is sad. Last time i contacted her was on the phone asking her to let me know when she was back home.
Few months later (2007) Mum said she saw her walk by our house. Thanks for contacting me!

And now while speaking to her on msn i have just found out she got married. This has left me in tears as i cant understand why she would have left me out of this big event. Doesn't she care anymore? And that reminds me. I have never ever seen her son and she promised me a couple of years ago that she would bring him round. She never did.

So when she told me she was married it knocked me for six. It would have been nice to even have an invite.


Brittany said...

WOW....that's a bit harsh. I guess maybe her life took off in a different direction and she didn't hang onto her old friends very well. I've had friends that go off into their lives and meet new people and forget about the's sad. But i soon realize they weren't true to begin with. A Real friend will stay with you when you're old and grey.

Melissa said...

it always hurts when people u thought were ur friends start to pull away and cut u out of their life, sorry she did u that way

Anonymous said...

That is pretty mean of her really.
Although I think a big part of getting older is about losing your childhood friends.