Tuesday, 14 October 2008

That Time of the Year

I feel bloody awful. Head hurts. Throat, sore. Ear, blocked. Thing is my throat hurts every time i swallow but it doesn't when i drink or eat so i guess im gonna have to drink or eat most of today.And the crude thing is i get a short time release from the pain of my throat every time! Lol! But at the moment i got a lovely cup of tea in front of me. The second of the day.

I recently found some photos that i have never seen before and i thought i'd share them with you

From left to right (Barry, my uncle, Gemma, my cousin's fiance and Dean, my cousin)

Kyle. My female cousin's son
My Uncle


Brittany said...

Our roomate has Strep Throat...but i doubt its going around worldwide...But it is that time of year again no matter what continent your on. I hope you feel better!

Melissa said...

sorry u feel bad, hope u feel better soon. nice pics

Anonymous said...

According to my Mum, there is a cold bug going around at the moment.
Mums know everything so it must be true.

~Stevie~ said...

awwwww..fell better soon babes! Nice pics..ty for sharing.

Lv Ste

Tyler Lovelace said...

I;m sorry bout' your throat's hurting.

Hope it gets better *-*