Friday, 14 November 2008

Moving on.

So i've just finished the Gateway to Work Course now and i feel....confidant. Confidant in getting a job that i'll enjoy. We covered CV's, covering letters, application forms, telephoning employers and interviews. We were able to take home all what we have done so it will help us in the long run. During the two week course we had a two day placement. My first choice was an admin role as there is where i want to be in life but they couldn't get me any placements there so they got me retail which i didn't mind and rather enjoyed! It was a supermarket called Somerfield. My tasks were shelf filing mainly but i did help out at the deli for half an hour.

Tonight i'll be round Kevin's just chilling. We have no plans, we're being spontanous!!!

So for the rest of the work i will be relaxing untill Monday, when i hit the phones again to see about any jobs.

Christmas! Can you believe that its that time of the year again? I'm getting Kevin a digi camera this year as his is broken. So it'll be really nice for him to have a new one. I think i know what he's got me as i've dropped plenty of hints! A Nintendo DS!! YAY! I'll be well made up once i get that!!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Gateway to work

I've been away for a while but now i'm back and i'm going to start by telling you that i'm on a two week work course, that is a course that helps you into work. I started today at 09:30am and have just finished at 16:00. Today we just mainly sorted out paperwork which is pretty boring to be honest but i'm hoping by the end of it that i'll have a job or be more confidant at getting one. Out of the 14 people at the course i aim to get a job the quickest. I dont mean to judge but they look like down and outs. Do they look at me and think the same thing? I dunno but i DO know i take pride in my appearance, which somebody (who i'm not going to name) does not. He needs a dentist!

I'm not intentionally being cruel but its a work course. They need to look presentable at least!

But in other areas me and Kevin celebrated our one year anniversery on Friday. He brought me a biography of David Tennant (my fav actor ever!) and a dvd. We went out for a lovely meal and i think i had too much to drink as i was up all night feeling ill, but it was a nice night anyway.

And this Friday coming up, me and Kevin and his cousin Rob are all going to see the new James Bond film. Daniel Craig. MMMMMMMMM