Friday, 14 November 2008

Moving on.

So i've just finished the Gateway to Work Course now and i feel....confidant. Confidant in getting a job that i'll enjoy. We covered CV's, covering letters, application forms, telephoning employers and interviews. We were able to take home all what we have done so it will help us in the long run. During the two week course we had a two day placement. My first choice was an admin role as there is where i want to be in life but they couldn't get me any placements there so they got me retail which i didn't mind and rather enjoyed! It was a supermarket called Somerfield. My tasks were shelf filing mainly but i did help out at the deli for half an hour.

Tonight i'll be round Kevin's just chilling. We have no plans, we're being spontanous!!!

So for the rest of the work i will be relaxing untill Monday, when i hit the phones again to see about any jobs.

Christmas! Can you believe that its that time of the year again? I'm getting Kevin a digi camera this year as his is broken. So it'll be really nice for him to have a new one. I think i know what he's got me as i've dropped plenty of hints! A Nintendo DS!! YAY! I'll be well made up once i get that!!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Gateway to work

I've been away for a while but now i'm back and i'm going to start by telling you that i'm on a two week work course, that is a course that helps you into work. I started today at 09:30am and have just finished at 16:00. Today we just mainly sorted out paperwork which is pretty boring to be honest but i'm hoping by the end of it that i'll have a job or be more confidant at getting one. Out of the 14 people at the course i aim to get a job the quickest. I dont mean to judge but they look like down and outs. Do they look at me and think the same thing? I dunno but i DO know i take pride in my appearance, which somebody (who i'm not going to name) does not. He needs a dentist!

I'm not intentionally being cruel but its a work course. They need to look presentable at least!

But in other areas me and Kevin celebrated our one year anniversery on Friday. He brought me a biography of David Tennant (my fav actor ever!) and a dvd. We went out for a lovely meal and i think i had too much to drink as i was up all night feeling ill, but it was a nice night anyway.

And this Friday coming up, me and Kevin and his cousin Rob are all going to see the new James Bond film. Daniel Craig. MMMMMMMMM

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


So i've almost shaken off the cold only for it to have been replaced by a built up ear which annoyed the hell out of me so went to the Doctors expecting a prescription for ear drops and what did i get? My ear syringed!!! This was an uncomfortable experience for me as i never had it done before. It's like a train of water shooting in your ear. Never again!

I had a job interview on Friday and it took me ages to get ready cos i was really nervous. Made sure i had everything (CV, passport etc) but i got to the interview and realised my passport was gone! I panicked bg time! Do you know how much it costs to replace a lost passport over here?? £75!!!!! So after a few days i gave up of ever having it back. That was until the police rang up and told me they had it. Relief is all i can describe the emotion. That and intense happiness!!

So thats my week thereabouts!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

That Time of the Year

I feel bloody awful. Head hurts. Throat, sore. Ear, blocked. Thing is my throat hurts every time i swallow but it doesn't when i drink or eat so i guess im gonna have to drink or eat most of today.And the crude thing is i get a short time release from the pain of my throat every time! Lol! But at the moment i got a lovely cup of tea in front of me. The second of the day.

I recently found some photos that i have never seen before and i thought i'd share them with you

From left to right (Barry, my uncle, Gemma, my cousin's fiance and Dean, my cousin)

Kyle. My female cousin's son
My Uncle

Monday, 13 October 2008

Missing Frankie

So mine and Kev's one year anniversery is fast approaching and i'd thought i'd spoil him rotten, so the plan was to suprise him.
I saw at our local theate that Frankie Boyle from Mock the Week was peforming her at the end of October. I thought "Great! Better get two tickets!" No. They've sold out. So now i'm sad and dissapointed. So that's Kevin's suprise out the window. I had to tell him about it but then he said we should just have a nice night out instead. Which i'm liking the idea of but i got another trick up my sleeve. I thought since he's always checking the time on his mobile why dont i buy him a nice watch? Nothing like a digital watch, an actual watch that has a second hand and everything. For some reason i got gold in my head. I'll have to have a look in Argos for one.
About my header. I have no idea what to put in it. I was orginally thinking a picture of me with Ferry Meadows (park where i live) and the Peterborough Cathedral. I shall send Bethany some pictures when i get them.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fun times

(Kevin's swords)

So its almost the end of my week living with Kevin and it's been incredibly fun all the time. Monday i met him after he finished work then caught the bus to his. On Monday he normally roleplays and this week was no exception. I went along to his group but instead of roleplaying we played games which as quite fun.

He had to go to work on Tue but i saw him again when he came back at six and we had fish and chips for tea. In the village where he lives, every Tue a fish and chip van comes round. Wish we had that where i live!

Wednesday he roleplayed again but i wouldn't go to it. On Wednesday a guy i dont like goes to roleplay. I'm not gonna tell you his name but a lot of people agree with me when i say he's a creep and a bit weird. So cos i know he's there i wont go. Kevin doesn't like him either.

And that brings me upto today. Tonight Kevin's cooking for me (yay!) and i'm going into town with him tomorrow morning when he leaves for work as his parents are returning from their hols. Also there's a jobsfair in town tomorrow which i MUST go to.

And by the way could someone help me design a good header for my blog?

Monday, 6 October 2008

A Shock Surprise

I need to write what just happened to me. But before i do let me fill you in on the history.

I would say looking back on my life that my best friend was Kayleigh. We've been friends ever since primary school and all through her life she said she wanted to be a vet so one day in our teens (16) it was a shock when she said she wanted to go into the Army. And thats where it all went wrong. Obviously i never knew at the time but i was going to lose my best friend. I couldn't go to her Passing Out parade as it was just family. Then she got pregnant. And really i haven't seen her since which is sad. Last time i contacted her was on the phone asking her to let me know when she was back home.
Few months later (2007) Mum said she saw her walk by our house. Thanks for contacting me!

And now while speaking to her on msn i have just found out she got married. This has left me in tears as i cant understand why she would have left me out of this big event. Doesn't she care anymore? And that reminds me. I have never ever seen her son and she promised me a couple of years ago that she would bring him round. She never did.

So when she told me she was married it knocked me for six. It would have been nice to even have an invite.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Old memories and new starts

So next week i'm going to be living with my boyfriend for a few days just cos his parents are off on holiday to the Peak or Lake District (i dunno which) and we're taking advantage of that fact. It will be a sort of test wether we can live together or not because we hope to move in together next year.
We've got a choice though, right first we're gonna look for flats/houses in the nicer part of Peterborough like villiages and that, and then if we cant find anything there to rent, its the rougher areas, which i really would hate to live in.

Kevin (boyfriend) told me a story the other day. Before i met him he used to live in a slightly rough area called Bretton which is a part of Peterborough. He hated it at the time and him and his parents moved to Northborough which is a gorgeous little village with no trouble at all. Last Sunday after playing Golf with mates they had to drop someone off at Bretton. They drove down Kevin's old street, he was horrified. The flats where he used to live have now got metal grating over them to stop vandals.
I'm glad he dont live there anymore!! And no way would i want to live there with Kev. It's way too rough. I'll be on edge all the time....

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A new start

So this is my new blog after AOL Journals messed up by (going to) delete Journals over there. So i'm sticking with this blog fron now on.

It's gonna be a hell of a ride!