Monday, 13 October 2008

Missing Frankie

So mine and Kev's one year anniversery is fast approaching and i'd thought i'd spoil him rotten, so the plan was to suprise him.
I saw at our local theate that Frankie Boyle from Mock the Week was peforming her at the end of October. I thought "Great! Better get two tickets!" No. They've sold out. So now i'm sad and dissapointed. So that's Kevin's suprise out the window. I had to tell him about it but then he said we should just have a nice night out instead. Which i'm liking the idea of but i got another trick up my sleeve. I thought since he's always checking the time on his mobile why dont i buy him a nice watch? Nothing like a digital watch, an actual watch that has a second hand and everything. For some reason i got gold in my head. I'll have to have a look in Argos for one.
About my header. I have no idea what to put in it. I was orginally thinking a picture of me with Ferry Meadows (park where i live) and the Peterborough Cathedral. I shall send Bethany some pictures when i get them.

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Melissa said...

thats a nice gift idea